User Studies on the Effectiveness of Treemaps

Community Website to Explore and Track the State
of Evaluation of Treemap-like Visualization Techniques

Treemaps are a commonly used tool for the visual display and communication of tree-structured, multi-variate data. In order to confidently know when and how treemaps can best be applied, we as research community use usability studies and controlled experiments to "understand the potential and limitations of our tools" (Plaisant, 2004). Although a large number of user studies on treemap visualization techniques were designed, conducted, and published, there is still little that can be reliably derived or generalized. We address this gap by means of a shared effort on collecting, analyzing, and improving user studies using this community website. This resource can be used as a starting point for researchers to ease design, execution, and evaluation of user studies that target treemaps.


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The dataset, the tables and this website in general are maintained and hosted through GitHub. Feedback, requests, questions, and changes can be made through the projects page (linked below). We're expecially encouraging researchers to extend the public dataset.